Sunday, August 21, 2005


I just got home from seeing the closing performance of Cabaret at Water Tower Theatre in Addison (North of Dallas). It was moving. At the end, the audience was hesitant to applaud. This show is one that is important, and the emotional power was obvious as the audience delayed the applause. I assure you that the delay was not because of any deficiency in the acting, singing, or dancing. Across the Board, it was a fabulous show.

My local community theatre had originally scheduled Cabaret for last season in the slot where we ultimately did Annie. I had voted for Cabaret based on having read the script, but now, having seen the show, I realize that we could never have done the show justice. In order to avoid alienating our small town crowd, the show would have had to have been so watered down that it would not have been worthwhile.

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