Thursday, May 26, 2005


You know? Dynamite is an amazing thing. When used with care, it can help with construction projects. However, when improperly utilized, it is greatly destructive.

Have you ever heard a person described as "dynamite"? Usually it's a compliment, meaning the person is energetic and exceptional. Some people are more like dynamite than we know. Those people, when their energies are properly focused, are highly creative, but when they get their priorities out of whack, they become a terribly destructive force. I'm sure we all know people like that.

My question today is how do us regular, non-explosive people handle the dynamite people around us? What's the best way to make sure those folks are using their energies for positive ends?

Now, don't get me wrong. Dynamite people usually have the best of intentions, even when they are blowing everything to smithereens. So, how do you keep the dynamite people from destroying the very thing thing are trying to create?

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