Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pushing It

Because of the opening of 42nd Street last Friday, I had taken the week off from running, so this morning was my first day back on the pavement since Saturday the 10th. I decided to push my pace a bit just to see if I could handle it. The schedule called for a 50 minute run. Out of that time, I walked about 5 minutes and ran the remaining 45. My pace during the running was between 11:15 & 11:30 minutes/mile, and my overall pace was 11:59 min./mile.

That's the best pace I've ever turned in.

It was pretty humid this morning, but there was an occassional breeze that felt nice.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Long Week

This week has been pretty tiring as we have been in crunch for tonight's opening of 42nd Street at GSM. I decided that I needed to take a break from my marathon training because of the late nights, but I'll be back on that horse either Sunday or Monday morning.

The oldest three calvinatorettes started Children's Theatre camp at Terrell Actors Playhouse this week as well. They seem to be enjoying it so far. Their camp performance will be in two weeks.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back Again

It has been a crazy spring moving into summer. As you can see from the posts below, I started running in January in an effort to get in shape and start the preparation for the White Rock Marathon.

As I'm sure anyone who is reading this knows, I appeared on Jeopardy! in June. The shows taped back in February, so that interrupted my training. I started back on the road in March and managed to run my first 5K in May. I even came in under my goal of 40 minutes.

I also was cast in a semi-professional production of 42nd Street at Garland Summer Musicals. I'll be playing Bert Barry, and we open this Friday. If you call the box office for tickets (972-205-2790), if you use my name, you get a four dollar discount per ticket.