Wednesday, March 09, 2005

People Confuse Me

At least, sometimes they do. A few of my students last semester and this act as if they are in charge of the class. They take umbrage at the idea that what the Instructor (me) says, goes. In my opinion, I am not a difficult teacher, nor do I expect unreasonable things from my students. They, on the other hand, tend to think that I am an unrealistic slave-driver.

This past Monday, one of my students claimed that I had said something in class in advance of the test they took last week. I had said no such thing, and when I stated that, my student had the audacity to argue with me in front of the rest of the class. The student in question wouldn't even back down when several of her classmates told her she was mistaken.

I have a suspicion that the attitude I perceive in my classes is the result of years of students being coddled and pandered to in the education environment. Parents don't help the situation when they march to school and attack Teachers and Principals and threaten legal action if their little Johnny or Susie isn't "treated better."

In short, it's time for people to grow up. And that goes for the kids, too.


Moose said...

I'd have failed that student. Yeah, yeah, I know, laws this and laws that, rules, bla bla bla. I'd have flunked that kid, and if anybody else had said anything, I'd have flunked them too. If my superiors had complained, I'd flunk them too. F's FOR EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!

SportsFan68 said...

You don't UNDERSTAAAAAAAAND me. This has ALWAYS worked BEFOOOOOOOORE. I can hear the wheels turning as she blasts away on all frequencies.

Congratulations on not letting it work, at least one time. Behaviorally speaking, you probably didn't make much of a dent. Those tactics probably work for her dozens of times a week. The rewards are great; the risk is nothing.

The only thing I've seen work with college students like that is to move on because you can't win. As soon as the other students noted her error, close it. "OK, we've covered that, we're moving on. Now, as for Question 13, which every one of you idiots missed . . ."

Just kidding about the idiots part. You look great. Well done.

The Calvinator said...

Thanks for the support. It's nice to know others see things the same as I.