Friday, October 20, 2006

Pretty Unique

Was pointed to a website that tells you how many people in the United States share your name. I don't know if they just use statistical models based on the commonality of the names or if they use some database.
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

At only 78 people, that means my name is only shared by 0.000026% of the population of the U.S.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


While I'm waiting to get sleepy, let me make a few recommendations:

Book: The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I finished it a couple of days ago. It sort of gets weaker toward the end, but after years of reading fiction, I have come to the conclusion that ending a book might be one of the hardest things out there.

Film: Thank You for Smoking. Rented this one from Blockbuster and thoroughly enjoyed it.

TV: "Heroes". I have really liked the first three episodes of this show. I'll have to catch episode four on NBC's website tomorrow. I had a meeting tonight and forgot to set the VCR.

Music: Altar Boyz Off-Broadway Soundtrack. I purchased this one from iTunes. I appreciate the humor, and quite honestly, some of the lyrics are great.

"Everybody Fits"

Somedays, you just can't begin
You feel, outside looking in
It's like, you're the odd man out

Let me, help you
End your doubt

It doesn't matter
If you're different and out of place
It doesn't matter
If there's acne upon your face
It doesn't matter
Take my hand and then
You will see
Everybody fits in God's great


Seem to, stop and stare
Why you're, even there

So left out and wrong
I'll show
You that
You belong

It doesn't matter
If you have a gigantic nose
It doesn't matter
If you're born with eleven toes
It doesn't matter
You can trust and
Believe in me
Everybody fits in God's great


In the family of God you'll learn
That there is no such thing as others
All the woman and men on Earth
Can be your
Sisters and your brothers

Sisters and your brothers!

It doesn't matter
If you're wrinkled and old and grey
It doesn't matter
If you face Mecca when you pray
It doesn't matter
Won't you listen and
Here my plea, everbody fits
It doesn't matter
If you're yellow or white or red
It doesn't matter
If you're pregnant and you're unwed
It doesn't matter
'Cause the truth it can
Set you free, everbody fits

Everybody fits!

It doesn't matter
Every murderer on death row
It doesn't matter
Every prostitute that you know
It doesn't matter
Welcome to the
Fraternity, everybody fits in God's great

Fam-a-laay, you and maay
We fit into the fam-a-lay... yeaaah!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair

Don't miss it. Don't even be late.

Today, well actually yesterday since it is after Midnight, I ventured into the world of the State Fair of Texas. I was accompanied on this journey by my wife, our four daughters, my wife's cousin and her husband, and their three children. We only spent four hours there, but it seemed like more. It wasn't bad, really, it just seemed like it was more than 4 hours.

I ate two Fletcher's Corny Dogs and a Funnel Cake. Not too bad when I think about it. I didn't get any deep-fried Oreo's™ like I did last year, but that's mainly because I didn't see the place to get them.

I highly recommend going to the fair on OU/Texas gameday. The only bad time was when we had to buy some more fair coupons, which are required for riding rides or buying food and beverage. We were trying to get some at about the same time that all the football game attenders were arriving at the park. They were all, it seemed, trying to get coupons to buy their lunches and probably a beer or two or twelve before they entered the Cotton Bowl (you can't buy alcohol in the stadium for some inexplicable reason). Once the crowd started making its way into the game, the fair was great. No wait for rides. You could walk the Midway without ever touching another person. It was the most empty I've ever seen the fairgrounds on a day the Fair is open.

After we got home, I was pretty tired, and I almost fell asleep on the living room couch, but when I finally tried to go to sleep in my own bed at 10:30, all of a sudden, I was wide awake. It goes back to my weird sleep patterns.

I'm gonna go back upstairs and read a little to see if it will help put me to sleep. I'm reading The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. So far, I am really enjoying it.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Celebrity look-alikes

There's a fun website where you can see what celebrities you look like. My brother mentioned this on his AOL Journal once, but I stumbled across it again recently. I decided to upload a pic of two of my friends from Kiss Me, Kate, Tyler & Josh.

According to the My Heritage site, Tyler (left) looks like:

Jesse Metcalfe (61%)
Clark Gable (57%)
Tom Welling (57%)

Actually, there were more, but they were either folks I had never heard of or women. In fact, his top match was Britney Spears, but I thought I wouldn't embarrass him by mentioning it . . . OOPS!

Josh (right) comes back as:

James Van Der Beek (74%)
Ron Howard (67%)
Joe Rogan (67%)
Hal Sparks (62%)
Rob Schneider (60%)
Tom Cruise (59%)

I don't have a recent enough photo of myself to get a good reading.

Waiting with Breath Abated

Along with millions of others, I am anxiously awaiting the release of Book 7 and Movie 5 (Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix) in the Harry Potter franchise. In the meantime, I regularly listen to PotterCast to keep abreast of the latest in Harry Potter news. The recent Broadway FilkCast was right up my alley. As I've posted before, I am a huge fan of Broadway Show Tunes.

If you're a Harry Potter fan, you owe it to yourself to check out PotterCast. I would recommend listening to as many of the past episodes as you can as well. There is a veritable gold mine of information in that more than a year's worth of offerings from Melissa, Sue, & John.

Related to my enjoyment of all things Potter, I took one of those quizzes you can find on the web to tell me which HP Character I am most like.

You scored as Albus Dumbledore. You are very wise, observant, and analyctical. You have a very "well-organized" mind, which makes you function in a calm and fair manner. Though you get angered easily, its rare of you to ever act our of temper. You are constantly seeing the good in people and are naturally forgiving because of it. You're easy to please and a great person to learn from.

Albus Dumbledore


Oliver Wood


Hermione Granger


Lord Voldemort


Sirius Black


Remus Lupin


Luna Lovegood


Ron Weasley


Bellatrix Lestrange


Percy Weasley


Harry Potter


Severus Snape


Neville Longbottom


Draco Malfoy


Harry Potter Character Combatibility Test
created with

I am pleased with the top slot, but how on earth did I wind up more like Percy Weasley than Harry?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Are We Not Men?

De over at The Thinklings has written:

I’ve been thinking about [I Corinthians 13:11] a lot lately. It’s time I posit my theory of manhood. It’s very simple:

We all need to grow up

Go read the rest of it.