Friday, January 21, 2005

Responding to a few requests

Well, I've had two requests. First, some want to see me in a Do Rag.

I'll get that picture taken soon and post it here.

Second, it has been suggested that I should post "progress" pics about every 20 pounds of weight loss. I do plan to do this, but I want to ask you, my readers, would you want to see them with no shirt (so you can better examine the progress) or with a shirt on (so you won't be grossed out at my fat, hairy torso)?


Sherralee said...

Please wear a shirt. I have nothing against men with fat, hairy torsos. I am, after all, married to one. But modesty is a virtue, and why show skin when a t-shirt will do the job. I'm dying to see you in a do-rag. How about a do-rag, a goatee and a few piercings?

ritagscott said...

let's go with the shirt....please

Moose said...

I've seen you without a shirt, and quite frankly, I'm not sure why these other people people are complaining. You are 'cherubic' at best, like Buddha. Now, if the Moose whooped off his shirt, you'd see a big decline in readership for sure. The Moose has hair in places a real Moose don't have hair.