Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Getting in Shape Update 6

Averaging a little over 2.5 pounds lost per week. Not a bad start, but I still have a long way to go.

Starting Weight = 267.0

Last Week's Weight = 253.0

Today's Weight = 250.5

Weight Loss in past week = 2.5 pounds

= 16.5 pounds


Sherralee said...

Congratulations!! If it's possible, I think you should post pictures every 15 or 20 pounds.

The Calvinator said...

Thanks. I was just thinking that this morning. Unfortunately, I never posted a "Before" picture.

I will post one when I hit 20 pounds. Should be in the next few weeks.

bbking52 said...

Congrats Cal! Sounds like you are whupping your poundage most excellently.
I was down 12 pounds this morning and am starting Phase 2 of the diet. I had strawberries and it was heavenly.