Tuesday, November 30, 2004

When It's Time to Change

Okay, so I've decided to do something about that "Fat Guy." Although I do have a target weight in my mind, I'm not going to focus on the number. What I'm going to do is measure progress by change in clothing sizes.

Right now, I have to wear XXL t-shirts (I can get an XL on, but it's snug). I have a 44 inch waist and wear 18 to 18 1/2 dress shirts.

The first goals are these:

1) Get to where an XL T-shirt is not snug.

2) Drop to a 42 inch waist

3) Get down to a 17 1/2 inch dress shirt.

I'll keep you posted.

1 comment:

oso diablo said...

want to have a competition? sometimes that helps with the motivation to forego that tempting doughnut or third helping of lasagne.

i'm back up to my pre-reunion weight (about 200). Shooting for 190 max; prefer 180.