Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Chief Justice Ashcroft?

Drudge is reporting that John Ashcroft is planning to step aside as Attorney General.

I won't say you heard it here first because I don't know if anyone else has already said something about it, but I predict that Ashcroft will get serious consideration as the new Chief Justice of the United States when William Rehnquist retires (which will likely be sooner rather than later).

I have no inside sources, just a gut feeling.


oso diablo said...

not a chance. the left would energize on an Ashcroft nomination as CJ, much like the right would energize on a Hillary nomination for President. bad political move.

The Calvinator said...

We were told the left was energized this year. And see what happened?

The last thing Bush needs to do is to bend over backing to avoid annoying the Liberals out there.

oso diablo said...

just a bad spend of that political capital (which ain't unlimited). plenty of good candidates out there for a SC spot. Scalia can be CJ (if he wants it).