Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Sometimes, it's so easy

I was pointed to this article by someone who was actually recommending it.

Ted Rall's Condescending Rant (or should that be Ranting Condescension?)

Just a few excerpts:

"But if militant Christianist Republicans from inland backwaters believe that secular liberal Democrats from the big coastal cities look upon them with disdain, there's a reason. We do, and all the more so after this election."

"Though there is a religious component to the election results, the biggest red-blue divide is intellectual. "How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?" asked the headline of the Daily Mirror in Great Britain, and the underlying assumption is undeniable. By any objective standard, you had to be spectacularly stupid to support Bush." (emphasis added)

"Would Bush's supporters have voted for him even if they had known he was a serial liar? [I couldn't resist an editorial comment here. They just won't give this one up. There is absolutely NO proof that Bush lied about anything. One can be wrong without having lied. Either the lunatic left can't get that or doesn't want to.] Perhaps their hatred of homosexuals and slutty abortion vixens would have prompted them to make the same choice--an idiotic perversion of priorities. As things stand, they cast their ballots relying on assumptions that were demonstrably false."

"Inland Americans face a bigger challenge than coastal "cultural elitists" when it comes to finding high-quality news coverage. The best newspapers, which routinely win prizes for their in-depth local and national reporting and staffers overseas, line the coasts. So do the cable TV networks with the broadest offerings and most independent radio stations. Bush Country makes do with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity syndicated on one cookie-cutter AM outlet after another. Citizens of the blue [sic] states read lackluster dailies stuffed with generic stories cut and pasted from wire services. Given their dismal access to high-quality media, it's a minor miracle that 40 percent of Mississippians turned out for Kerry."

For the record, the last time I checked, CNN was located in Atlanta, a decidedly Red State. This last argument is, by far, the most specious one he makes.

I have three words for these cultural elitist Liberals who look down their collective noses and me and you:


I don't normally sign my entries, but just this once, I thought I should.

B.A., M.A., J.D.


oso diablo said...

that dude should stick to cartoons, though i don't know if he's even good at that.

p.s. A majority of college degreed voters voted for W.

bbking52 said...

Rall is a whiny baby from way back. I think he's lost some of his clout as well. And, based on his recent Condy Rice cartoons ( I haven't seen, only read of), he's presented evidence of the rot within.

I so enjoy reading about folks who GASP! grew up in the "flyover states" and omgoodness went to school in a BIG CITY and then never moved back because their hometown had no cosmopolitan sorts of restaurants and actually contained people who remained married forever and had some absolute values.

These folks are perpetual college freshmen. It's quite annoying.

tubadave said...

"Citizens of the blue [sic] states read lackluster dailies stuffed with generic stories cut and pasted from wire services."

Assuming, of course, that he was actually talking about the Red States, I find this statement rather funny, and I'm sure that staffers of certain inland newspapers like the ones in Dallas and Chicago, among others, would be surprised to hear how lackluster they are.

Bet you didn't know I was reading here, did you? :^)