Friday, November 19, 2004

One Tired Puppy

Sorry I haven't put anything on here in the past couple of days. Between my two jobs and the new baby, I've just been swamped.

COMING SOON: My review of Stephen King's The Dark Tower (Volume VII): The Dark Tower

UPDATE (12-10-06): Sorry that review never materialized.


bbking52 said...

Cal, Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jody and all the kidlets. I played at our Tgiving service tonight-9 hymns, 9, count'em and now I'm trying to do biscuits.
Oh well.

Hey-have you heard of Bev Vincent? He's a Woodlands resident who has written either a book or anaylsis or something on The Dark Tower with King's authorization. I just read a short story of his in an anthology The Borderlands. I was doing fine until one of the stories almost gave me nightmares.

However, his story was cool.

The Calvinator said...

I bought Vincent's book last week. I intend to review it as well when I finish it.

bbking52 said...

We're stiil waiting on the turkey and I just saw this. I may go ahead and get both The Dark Tower and Vincent's book, since he be a local.

I'm not impressed with the Borderlands anthology. There are some themes that are annoying for no reason.