Friday, December 07, 2007

Huck the System

That's the title of my brother's pro-Mike Huckabee blog. I don't agree with former Governor Huckabee on 100% of the issues, but he's the closest I'm gonna get this year in any reasonably viable candidate. I won't have to hold my nose to vote for him like I would if most of the other Republican candidates got the nomination.


oso diablo said...

"Most of the other"? Why the hedge? j/k

anyhow, glad to have you on board, you bandwagoneer! You're only 6 months late. You might want to check out hucksarmy, a Huckabee message board.

Also, go to:

and sign up. Be sure to list me as the person who enlisted you.

oso diablo said...

one more thing about my blog. some may wonder about its name. It's a play off buck the system, not some other more risque rhyming word. It represents the idea of taking back politics for the people, and fighting against the undue influence of money (ie, the system). Mike Huckabee's amazing surge has been a wonderful testament to the power of grassroots fervor, of regular people standing up and saying "this is my guy; i don't care about the money thing."

The media annointed the so-called frontrunners early on, based solely on name recognition and fundraising, not on issues or leadership ability. But the presidency is not for sale!