Sunday, November 19, 2006

Put Another Log on the Fire

One of the things I like about our new house (we moved in April) is the fireplace. A family friend doesn't use her fireplace any more, so she offered us some firewood. Yesterday, I borrowed my dad's truck and loaded a little more than a third of a cord, hauled it home, unloaded it, and stacked it neatly. I have to remember to open the flue each time before I light the fire, but it has been nice having a fire in the fireplace. I also appreciate that it has a gas ignitor, which eliminates the struggle of getting the fire blazing.


Jode-a-lode said...

I love it, too. Although, while I was walking around Walmart tonight, I kept wondering about a certain smell... then I realized it was me smelling like smoke. ;-)

Opening the flue beforehand is definitely a must.

mom said...

Glad you are enjoying the fireplace. You will really be glad to warm up by it the next couple of nights. I'm glad you have the gas starter, but I've gotten rather adept at using the commercial fire starters.