Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Celebrity look-alikes

There's a fun website where you can see what celebrities you look like. My brother mentioned this on his AOL Journal once, but I stumbled across it again recently. I decided to upload a pic of two of my friends from Kiss Me, Kate, Tyler & Josh.

According to the My Heritage site, Tyler (left) looks like:

Jesse Metcalfe (61%)
Clark Gable (57%)
Tom Welling (57%)

Actually, there were more, but they were either folks I had never heard of or women. In fact, his top match was Britney Spears, but I thought I wouldn't embarrass him by mentioning it . . . OOPS!

Josh (right) comes back as:

James Van Der Beek (74%)
Ron Howard (67%)
Joe Rogan (67%)
Hal Sparks (62%)
Rob Schneider (60%)
Tom Cruise (59%)

I don't have a recent enough photo of myself to get a good reading.

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