Monday, April 03, 2006

Moving, Part the Second

Well, we got the beds in the new house, but there are still tons of boxes and other stuff piled up in the garage of the new house. We're also not out of the old house completely, yet. It's a good thing that my niece, who bought our house, is patient.

The new neighborhood seems to be very quiet, and it is really dark in the house with the lights out.

I've already met my neighbors on either side of me, but I was so focused on the moving that I don't remember their names. Our 7, 5, & 3 3/4 year olds have made some friends and went and played at a house across the street yesterday.

My wife told me last night that she doesn't ever want to move again. Not because she loves the neighborhood and house so much (although she does), but because she doesn't ever want to have to pack everything up and move it again.


kimjones68 said...

I can't blame her!

Jode-a-lode said...

I didn't even pack it all myself, either! I have some incredible in-laws who have put their own heart and soul into our move. It wouldn't have been done without them. It's likely that I would have never packed up that house on my own in a year if I had to live in it while trying †o do it.

I'm going to bed.

Anonymous said...

If you do need to move again, there are some great websites with moving tips. Google "moving tips" or "packing tips".

Will get you in your house and unpacked within a day, especially if you get friends/family to help.

Babs said...

Jody and Marty: congrats on the house, it looks lovely. And I don't blame Jody at all- it's a drag. Oh, and Marty- YAY on Odd Couple, that's awesome!

Jeff Coe said...

Hey Marty! Jeff Coe here. I lost your blog address for a while and just relocated it. I pass through Kaufman County frequently on my way to Rowlett/Rockwall to visit in-laws. Sounds like you and your family have been up to a bunch with moves, elections, and theatre.

You'll have to let me know when the play is. My mother-in-law is the dept. head of English at Heritage Christian Academy in Rockwall. She is probably interested in The Odd Couple.

Catch ya later!