Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Rove-Plame Affair

Karl Rove may not have done anything illegal with his leak (accidental or otherwise) of Valerie Plame, but what he did was wrong, and now it is time for him to go. I can imagine that President Bush figures that Rove deserves the benefit of forgiveness on this one. Bush can afford to think that way because he isn't seeking re-election.


Sherralee said...

What did Rove do wrong? Sylvia Plame is nothing but a paper pusher who sent her husband on a vacation to Africa. Upon his return, Plame's husband went about lying about who sent him to Africa and what he found or didn't find there.

Have you read Ann Coulter's piece, published today on and several other conservative news sites? I'm far more inclined to trust her version of things than that of a womwan who won't take her husband's name.

Sherralee said...

Oh, duh, her name is Valerie. I guess when I see the letters p, l, and a together, I automatically think of Sylvia, as in Sylvia Plath, the suicidal bad poet.

I just don't get what Mr. Rove is supposed to have done wrong. Have I missed something? Is it wrong to receive information from Bob Novak and not disclose that information to the public?

If Rove resigns, he's a fool, for he will have rewarded the Dems, the liberal press and Alan Colmes with exactly what they want.