Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Pac-Man Fever

Where I ate lunch today, they have a video game machine that has both Galaga and Ms. Pac-Man. Seeing that reminded me of the days back in the early 80's when Donkey Kong and Frogger ruled my world. We had a great video arcade in my hometown. Hightower's was clean and had a great selection.

The house I grew up in, and where my parents still live, is 4.8 miles from the City Limits. That includes 1.4 miles of dirt/rock road and 3.4 miles of a Farm-to-Market two lane undivided roadway. In the summers (with that mid-90's and above heat), I would occasionally ride my bicycle to town and go to Hightower's to spend my time and money. There was one day that I spent twenty dollars there, a quarter at a time. My mom grounded me from playing video games for two weeks. The worst part of it was that a few times, my brother took me with him to the arcade while I was serving my punishment sentence. I had to sit in the arcade without being allowed to play.

I guess that was a character-building experience. Either that, or it just served as inspiration for a journal entry.


Sherry said...

Hi, Marty:-)

Email me at

I'm back in Alaska, for the nonce. You'll be snickeringly happy to know I'm sitting in front of a Mackintosh PowerPC, OS 9.1. It's not so bad.

I follow your blog regularly. Since we don't chat anymore, it's the only way I have of knowing how many children you and Jody have.

Take care, old friend

caseyandscottycomic said...

HIGHTOWERS! I forgot about that place. What a great arcade that was!