Tuesday, June 21, 2005

If You Can't Stand the Heat

I don't know why it surprises me every year when the temperature gets so hot. Except for 1992, I've spent every summer of my life in Texas. And yet, every time the mercury rises to the mid-90's, it's as if I am caught unawares. I love Texas, and I really can't imagine living anywhere else, but if I could, I would lower the average temperature somewhere between fifteen and twenty degrees.

Jody grew up in the cold of Montana. She tells me that she'll take the heat of a Texas summer over being snowed in all winter. At one point, we had talked about moving to western Montana to be closer to Jody's family, but it never came together. I don't know if I could have withstood the long winters, but I do know that the oppressive heat of North Texas is quite wearisome.


oso diablo said...

High today in North Carolina: 84
High yesterday: 82
High Saturday: 77
High Friday: 81
and so on

Anonymous said...

Cal. We broke a record today, apparently. It was 97 or some such, with heat index of 800 or some such. We've had no rain for the month. It's really quite bad.

However, as miserable as it is, I would never go back to Wisconsin where I grew up. Same difference as Montana. Sun and heat trump snow, cold and gray anyday.

But, our plants are withering and we're all losing energy.