Friday, April 15, 2005

Measurements Update

Early on in my weight loss program, I posted some goals.

1) Get to where an XL T-shirt is not snug.

2) Drop to a 42 inch waist

3) Get down to a 17 1/2 inch dress shirt.

I said I'd keep y'all posted, but I forgot.

1) I can wear my XL shirts in public now without embarrasment

2) I have had the pants of 2 of my suits taken in, and my wife bought me some shorts with a 38 inch waist. They were a tad snug, but I could get them on and could have worn them if I had wanted.

3) I just bought some new dress shirts yesterday. Neck size is 17 inches.

I don't know if the measurements will go down by proportion if reach my target weight, but if they do, I'll end up with about a 32 inch waist, wearing Large T-shirts, and having a 16 inch neck.

i can't even remember when the last time was that I wore a size 16 dress shirt.

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