Thursday, February 24, 2005

It's never a good time

I have come to the conclusion that there is never a good time to start any major project in one's life. Specifically, there's never a good time to try to sell one's house. Since we made the decision to move, my family has been hit with illness and other time-sucking calamities. Now that we're all well again, my oldest daughter and I are in the middle of the homestretch for the production of Annie, so I won't have much time available to help do things around the house.

The good news is that we've figured out that we don't quite have to get moved as quickly as we had originally thought. Our initial plan was to make the move before July 1st. I'd still love to be able to accomplish that, but we don't have to, and the pressure is much less now.

That goal date might not have ever been realistic because Jody plans on taking an extended trip to visit her family in June. It would have been kind of hard to close on a house if Jody was in Montana at the time.

Stay tuned for updates in this continuing saga.


Ellen Moore said...

Hi Marty,

Your mom just forwarded your url, and I have even had time to take more than a quick look. Off across the countryside today in a few minutes. Love your subtle Douglas Adams allusion. I liked his advice to young writers. "Never blow up the world in the first chapter because you might need it later."

Gotta run, lovely to see that you're writing,

Ellen Moore

Ellen Moore said...

Oops, left wrong url. It's