Monday, February 21, 2005

Bet Your Bottom Dollar

Well, we open Annie in just over a week. All in all, I must admit that we are much further along than I figured we would be at this point. Between revolving Warbuckses and the flu running rampant through the cast (luckily mainly through the adults and not the kids), I feared we'd be in for a long final 2 weeks.

I think the show's gonna be fine.

The primary benefit of having 6 roles and having to execute 8 costume changes is that I get to avoid having to help with the set. WooHoo!

Once this show opens, I get to turn most of my theatre focus to getting ready to direct The Foreigner this summer. Well, when I find time in all the preparations for our move to the D/FW metroplex.

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Moose said...

Now you know how the Moose felt in 42nd Street!!!!