Thursday, June 28, 2012

Something worth sharing

My best friend, Rod Martin, had this to say:

Oh, and just one other thing. I'm already hearing this or that conservative whine about how "well, God's put us under judgment", or "well, it's all over now." Funny, I never hear a liberal say any such thing: when they lose, they get up and fight for the ground they lost (they've been fighting for what is now Obamacare since FDR); when they win, they get up the next day and fight for more.

Could it be that the reason conservatives and Christians get their butts beat so often is that they're a bunch of losers who don't have the guts and the seriousness of purpose of their opponents. Answer: yes.

If you're a Christian and this describes you, shame one you: you serve a God who parted the Red Sea, created the Universe, beat the Midianites with 300 guys with lanterns, conquered death and freed the captives from Hell. He's bigger than one Supreme Court ruling, and those of you who have so little faith and so much love of "judgment" frankly ought to get some of the latter so you can learn some of the former. I don't hear Chinese house church Christians whining about "God's judgment" when their pastors are arrested and beaten. What persecution are YOU suffering?

And as for any other conservatives in this group, get off your whiney butt and fight. Did you take at least five friends to the polls last election? No? Then you're part of the problem. Did you do that and still lose? Then act like a liberal and get up and do it again.

2010 told us everything we need to know about what it takes to win. It takes acting like winners, and stopping acting like whiners.

Now, let's go take these socialists out.

I couldn't have said it better myself, so I'm letting him speak for me.

This post (also by Rod) at the National Federation of Republican Assemblies site also presents a solution beyond just a repeal in the upcoming Congress.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I mean Christians just don't get it, religion went back thousands of years before Jesus. Christians just dismiss it all. Buddha was there before Christ, man.

The Radical Texan said...

Daniel, I'm really not sure what your comment has to do with what Rod wrote.

Jensational said...

This is exactly right. This is the establishment for you. Good news is there are lots of people that have woken up and are begging to be told where the next meetings will be held and what they can do to help. Liberals are in trouble this fall and they know it because they don't see groups like ours backing down. I love to prove people like Harry Reid wrong when he says the Tea Party is going to fade away. Cruz and a few others being elected has proven him very wrong.