Saturday, February 11, 2006

Things that make you go GGGRRRRRR!!!!

Okay, so the Postal Service raised the rates for postage about a month ago. I rarely grouse about the price of postage because I know the U.S. still has the best mail delivery system in the world and the cost of postage has not risen at the same rate of inflation, making what we pay a relative bargain.

What chaps my hide is that despite the fact that the change was over a month ago, they USPS still doesn't have 24 cent stamps available. So, if you need to send a postcard, you have to use a 23¢ stamp with a 1¢ stamp. If you are still finishing up your 37¢ stamps as well, a letter over 1 ounce will require 4 stamps (unless you happen to have a 3¢ stamp lying around). I understand that they want to deplete the supply of 23¢ stamps before making 24¢ ones available because nobody would buy the existing inventory otherwise, but they should have done a better job leading up to the change so that there would not have been as much 23¢ inventory to clear out.

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