Friday, February 24, 2006

The Old Gray Hair Just Ain't What it Used to Be

While I was getting my hair cut Tuesday, the barber looked down at the top of my head and said, "Hmmm . . . you have a few gray hairs up here." Now, I'm not vain about my hair. In fact, I have been willing to do dramatic things with my hair in the past without worrying too much about it. I mean, hey, it grows back.

What has caught me a little off guard is that my father didn't go gray until he was 55 years old, after he had open heart surgery. I'm sure he had some gray hairs up there before that, but I don't remember any being noticeable.

I guess I should be glad, in a way. My whole life, people have thought I am younger than I really am because I have somewhat of a "boyish" face. Maybe some gray hair will get people to realize that I truly am a "grown up" now.


SherryHowe said...

At least you have hairs on top your head. A great many men your age can't same that. :-)

SherryHowe said...

duh. Same=say. Junior Alzheimer's strikes again.

Anonymous said...

Gray hair still is hair. Don't complain too much! LOL

Moose said...

Shave your head. It worked for Moose.