Saturday, May 28, 2005

Stupid Bumper Sticker

Driving to work yesterday, I saw a bumper sticker that wasn't new or unusual, but it got me think about it. The one I saw said "My Money and Daughter go to Baylor". Now, it caught my attention because Baylor is my college and law school alma mater.

Implicit in this bumper sticker (and similar ones for other schools) are two thoughts: First, the driver of the vehicle is proud that his or her child is attending the college in question; and second, the driver is complaining about the fact that he or she is paying for or helping to pay for his or her child's higher education. Why do people think it's necessary to add the complaint? Why can't they just be happy that the child is getting a quality education? If you are going to complain about the expense, then don't send your kid to college. Or send your kid to a less expensive one.

I know that some will think I'm taking too seriously what is meant in jest, but this bumper sticker has always bothered me. I am thankful neither of my parents ever had one. My dad doesn't "do" bumper stickers. My mom was satisfied with a simple "Baylor Mom" one.

Oh, and the kicker? The vehicle I saw the sticker on yesterday was an Escalade.

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caseyandscottycomic said...

I personally like the one that says 'My kid beat up your honor student'.