Saturday, May 28, 2005

Night Owl or Temporary Insomniac?

I have always been what can only be described as a Night Owl. Heck, I even got it honest, as they say. My dad is also a Late Night kind of guy. The question for someone like me can often be, "When am I experiencing insomnia as opposed to just my ordinary nature?"

That question is with me now. Three hours ago, I was fairly tired, so I went to my room and sat in bed watching some television. Now, I am wide awake. Has insomnia set in, or did I just get a normal Night Owl second wind? What effect might my current bout with Shingles (and the medications I am taking) have on my ability to fall asleep?

Usually, I would just pick up a book to read, but (a) almost all of my books are in storage right now as we continue to try to get our house ready to try to sell, and (2) I just don't feel like reading right now.

I guess I'll watch some television.

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Amy :) said...

Welcome to the club! Late night is a fantastic time to do laundry, clean the house, study lines (or work on blocking or choreography), write (as in the great American novel that we're all destined to create someday), design your dream house, work on your business plan for your new start up... I have more if you want them! :) Hope you're not experiencing pain with your shingles - or should it be "Shingles"...