Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Damn Yankees Reviews

The first review is online only. The best parts as far as I'm concerned were:

The singing in this version of Damn Yankees exceeds the film and original cast recording. The emphasis on this production was the vocal performances versus the dancing. The tunes are classic staples of musical theatre and have become ingrained in the popular culture. To hear them sung so well is a delight: a big treat!

* * * * *

The cast for Damn Yankees is rather large and the entire company chews up the scenery. There are no weaknesses here.

I'm not entirely sure that "chew[ing] up the scenery" is a good thing, but the reviewer seems to have meant it in a positive way.

A second review came out today on the Dallas Edge website. (A guess a warning should be given that the site is a GLBT site).

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MOOSE said...

Chewing up the scenery is a good thing.