Saturday, January 05, 2008

Facebook Debate

I'm watching the Republican ABC/WMUR/Facebook debate. I don't pretend to be objective, but my take is this:

Positive: Huckabee & Giuliani
Negative: Romney & Paul
Mixed: Thompson & McCain

Thompson comes across as a bit gruff, even when he's making a good point. Actually, especially when he's making a good point.

McCain was practically absent most of the debate. When he did speak up, he sounded okay.

Romney looked old and tired at first, but he livened up. Unfortunately, he was lively but wrong most of the time.

Paul sounds like a kook, even when he's right.

Huckabee got solid hits every time he spoke.

Giuliani defended himself well without sounding defensive. He also got the best zinger of the night when he mentioned that Reagan had an Amnesty plan, so he would have ended up getting attacked in one of Romney's negative ads.

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oso diablo said...

1. Paul needs to learn the showbix axiom of "always leave them wanting more". I found myself interested in his responses for the first half-minute or so, but then gets on a roll and ends up in shrill, tinfoil hat territory.

2. I was actually interested in Romney's comments about health insurance in MA.

3. Could you believe Romney had the temerity to suggest that Huckabee stick to his own record. Mike should have pounced on that and said sure, do we have a deal? you talk about your record and i'll talk about mine.