Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Outdoorswoman

My soon to be six year old daughter, Hannah, picked up a tick from somewhere. I grew up in the country and had to remove innumerable ticks from our dogs and cats while I was growing up, so it seemed like no big deal to me. My wife, however, was pretty much freaking out when she called me at work today. I assured her that the presence of a tick on our daughter's head was in no way an indication of her abilities as a mother.

When I got home, Hannah appeared to be fine, but in a short time, she was lying on the love seat looking flushed. She complained of a headache. I took her temperature, which read 101.5°.

Right now, Jody is on the way to the Emergency Room with Hannah, and I am taking care of daughters 1, 3, & 4.

I'm sure Hannah is going to be just fine, but please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Remember Jody, too.

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Jode-a-lode said...

Hannah does have a high (or is it low?) white count, so she is going to take antibiotics.

It was about an hour after the nurse gave her some Motrin that Hannah felt so much better & was practically singing. I felt silly taking her after I saw how fine she was.

Thanks to all who cared & prayed. I felt calm for most of the time. Hannah was a trooper when she had to have her blood drawn. She wanted to cry, but she didn't. She is a tough little kid. Not always logical, but very, very brave.