Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lost three buttons off [my] vest

Yesterday was Report Card day for Calvinatorettes I & II. Eldest is in Second Grade. Younger is in Kindergarten. Calvinatorette I obtained straight A's and was named Student of the Six Weeks for her class. Calvinatorette II got all top marks (they don't assign letter grades in Kindergarten) and was also named Student of the Six Weeks for her class.

I am glad to see that my girls have adjusted well to the government school. Deciding to enroll them was one of the toughest decisions that my wife and I have made.

Bonus points if you can properly identify the reference in the Post Title.


kimjones68 said...

Know what you mean about the difficulty of deciding to enroll the kiddos in public school, but I figured your girls would do well (hey, they're your girls, right?).

Just a heads-up: Be sure to read all of their stories with them when they are assigned reading. We learned last year that some stories had an interesting (political?) leaning. We had to explain "the rest of the story" in those instances. But otherwise, we have also been pleasantly surprised with the govt schooling.

oso diablo said...

It's a Wonderful Life?