Sunday, August 06, 2006

Oh, Please

Let it rain, and rain, and rain.

Thunder and lightning right now and a few sprinkles.

We need rain . . . desperately.


Moose said...

Arrgh! You JINXED it!

The Calvinator said...

I know. We've been teased so much the past few weeks. It looks and feels like it's gonna rain, but it never does.

kimjones68 said...

We got a gulley-washer here in Rowlett. WOO-HOO!

oso diablo said...

you Texans moan alot about the heat and the lack of rain. It's a sign that you need to move someplace nicer, like North Carolina. It's 82 right now, and will rain every day this week. Not Seattle-like gloomy drizzle, but just a nice shower or two. Enough to keep it cool, green and beautiful.