Friday, October 22, 2004

So Little Time

I have a number of interests, but we'll start with the most obvious.

This is an interesting time to start a public Journal. The Presidential election is only 11 days away. I've been spending a lot of time lately at the Real Clear Politics website.

This site provides a lot of raw data and analysis.

For a number of reasons, I believe that the 2004 election is one of the most important in recent times. Probably the only one in my political memory that is comparable would have been 1980. We will all know on November 3rd how this one turns out (assuming there is no repeat of the 2000 fiasco), but my instincts tell me that we will have 4 more years.

If my instincts turn out to be right, then the Democrats missed a prime opportunity. There is no denying that President Bush was vulnerable in this election; however, instead of nominating a Moderate candidate that would have appealed to the middle (or so-called "swing voters"), the dems picked a Northeastern Liberal. Maybe it's simplistic and cliché, but Joe Sixpack just can't relate to someone like John Kerry.


oso diablo said...

Your political memory goes back to 1980? You were only 12!

The Calvinator said...

Actually, I have a memory of the 1972 election. I went with my mother to the polls. I actually started paying attention in 1976.

oso diablo said...

So, in 1980, for President, did you agree with your mom's choice or your dad's choice? I agreed with your mom, but i was wrong.

The Calvinator said...

I had no idea who mom & dad supported. For no reason at all, I was for Carter. Well, maybe because he was Southern Baptist.

It didn't take me long after he took office, however, to realize how great Reagan was.